It Pays to be You

You have worked hard to build your audience, now let Buttrfly help you make money. Whether you have hundreds of followers or millions, you are valuable. We understand that finding and working with brands can be difficult and Buttrfly is changing all of that. With Buttrfly, it is easy to find brands to work with, contracting is done within the app, verifying your post engagement is automated, and you get paid instantly. Simply swipe on brands you love and continue being you.


Swipe on brand opportunities
that fit your vibe


Post the branded
content on Instagram

Get Paid

Instantly get paid
within our app

How Buttrfly Works for Influencers

Become a Buttrfly

Join our community of Buttrflies by downloading our app and connecting your Instagram handle. Our systems learn about you and your brand affinities by reviewing posts.


You will be notified when it is time to post your content. Our systems come equipped with a scheduling calendar that makes sure you meet campaign requirements.

Find Opportunities

Swipe on brand opportunities that fit your vibe. Our systems place opportunities in your feed so it is easy for you to decide what campaigns you want to join.


Buttrfly's blockchain technology can complete 1,000,000 transactions per second, allowing brands to reach an unprecedented scale.

Be a part of the Buttrfly Effect

Working with Buttrfly and our partner brands is easy. Simply download our app and sign up with your Instagram account. Not only does our system connect you with the best most progressive brands that are ready to pay you, but we can provide you in depth insights about your social account and the people that follow you. We work closely with our community of Buttrflies to build long term fruitful relationships. Here is what some of our Buttrflies have to say...

What makes Buttrfly different?

Buttrfly is built on the blockchain which automates contracts, verification of posts and payment for posts. This means no more waiting 90+ days to receive money and negotiating long contracts. We have designed Buttrfly to be efficient and easy to use.

Plan for the future

Butterfly allows you to list your digital assets on the marketplace and directly sell your product sponsored content for your year ahead. Additionally, our proprietary AI runs across the blockchain to inform and verify the completion of an assignment triggering a smart contract and releasing funds.

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