Buttrfly is a blockchain- powered marketplace matching influencers with brands.

Influencers swipe on brands you love and get paid instantly. The more you swipe, the more you earn.

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Team up with the hottest brands in fashion, beauty and entertainment, become a Buttrfly.

The Buttrfly Solution

The Buttrfly Network represents the first marketplace for the purchasing of social influence at scale. Built on blockchain technology and AI backed infrastructure, the network model provides an automated, Artificial Intelligent, transparent user experience that aligns brands with influencers.


We empower influencers to connect with more synergistic brand opportunities that deliver immediate payment on verified engagement. So they can execute more campaigns rapidly, transparently and securely than ever before.


Buttrfly provides the ability for brands to scale influencer messaging, targeting a wide selection of influencers whose audiences have the greatest affinity with specific brands.

Agencies & Networks

We have strategically designed our technology to be complementary for ad-agencies and influencer networks, so everyone can benefit from riding on our rails, which automates & optimizes the workflow thus reducing costs.

Buttrfly is a Decentralized Application (DAPP) forged on the EOS Blockchain.

We provide coordination and transactionality for millions of messages using machine learning and artificial intelligence.