Buttrfly Technology

Buttrfly is an AI optimized marketplace for influence with a tokenized economy built on the EOS blockchain. The network provides a smart, transparent and secure buying platform for brands and organizations to purchase social influence at scale.


  • Cost reductions as high as 60% in man hours & budget risk
  • Transparent, Immutable contracts
  • Automated contract, legal, engagement verification & transaction settlement


  • Millions of data points determine the audience with the greatest affinity
  • Improve return on investment by optimizing across campaigns, for audiences with the lowest cost and highest engagement
  • Buttrfly gets smarter with every swipe


  • The only blockchain that delivers 10,000 tps on a single-threaded process, with multi-threading the figure rises to 1M xns/sec allowing for maximum scalability
  • Brands will be able to engage, contract, verify & pay millions of influencers at scale

How Buttrfly Works


Commits Budget & Inputs Campaign Goals


AI determines optimal Influencer matches


Swipe on opportunities, engaging with campaigns


Influencers do assignments, the system verifies


Influencers get paid instantly, brands receive reports

Intelligent Automation

Smart Contracts will be generated defining the terms of engagement between the brand and the influencers.

The adoption of smart, self-executing contracts will group the legal, verification, and settlement process of influencer/brand engagement into a single, automated step. This will reduce a brand’s or agency’s labor-intensive workflow process by 40 to 60%.

This will also benefit influencers, who will no longer have to wait for 60-90 day payment cycles.

Advanced Database Technology

Our proprietary systems have compiled three continually growing, cross-functional databases:

50 million deep metadata Instagram user, follower, and brand profiles

260 million relational and affinity data points between influencers, users, and brands

25 million keyword hashtag database